Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crafty Ideas!

Many of you might not know that I'm also a crafter! I like to create and look up for creative ideas to revamp and glam up old stuff. Also, I'd like to make new things and keep as decoration around the house. I can easily redo things pretty much right after I've seen someone has doen it once.
Here are some crafty channel and websites/ blogs that I've found pretty neat and worth to check out for ya'll!

1. Meg Allan Cole's channel:

2. Corinne from Thread Banger:

3. BoatPeopleVintage:



5. Monki: legit European website! Explore it yourself! (Esp. MonkiTV)

6. Last But Not Least: FREEPEOPLE BLOG!!! You can find almost everything, from fashion, DIY, decoration ideas, inspiration, music, etc here.

Well, that should be it for now! Hope you find any of those helpful!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Songs That Won't Disappoint Anybody- Part 1

This time is when I feel extremely the need of some types of remedies to get through. My family back home is having some issues, my mom's health and my dad's "stuff." Sigh, what can I do now?...
... I have this solution to myself: some inspirational songs that boost up my mood anytimes...

1. Float On- Modest House I found this song out by watching a Youtube guru, named Sarah Hawkinson. She got her new tatoo sayign "Float On" after some personal events that have happened in her life. She said she just broke up with her bf, the one that she has been with like forever. It's just sad seeing these broke-up scenarios from people around... However, no matter what happens, we'll all float on, as what the song is about...
2. Fix You- Cold Play This song has been around for ages. I love Coldplay! Their music is always meaningfull and irreplaceable... This song makes me cry anytimes... I used to be a little girl who dreamt of a place where there is no worries, no harms, have butterflies and only "paradise"...

3. Lego House- Ed Sheeran He sings "The A Team" the most famous song around. This red head singer is always casual but deep, not only in his singing but also in his appearance... Simple is the best!...


4. The Man Who Can't Be Moved- The Script Oh man, The Script is awesome! Their music is kinda similar to Coldplay though... I love The Script even before I love Coldplay... Some people they don't even know who the Script is when we told them that we're going to the Script concert! haha... funny people... but oh well :)

5. 1901- Birdy Don't know what's going on with this young mysterious British singer, but since the release of her 1st album, getting recognized in the US, she completely disaapears. Her album is always on the replay mode on my iTune! (Dang! Darn whoever stole my Mac! Gosh!!! :(( )

6. Lights- Ellie Goulding Oh man, this song has been my phone ringtone since forever and until now, still. Her voice is just that addicting, and the song doesn't annoy me no matter how many times I've been listening to!

7. I Won't Give Up- Jason Mraz No words can describe his voice and his music! Timeless!!!

8. Lucky- Jason Mraz ft. Cobie Caillat Again, a duet from amazing singers won't ever disappoint anybody! This song is about the couple that have been best friends for so long, and finally they are together, forever! 

9. She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5 Sigh, Adam Levine- the lead singer of Maroon 5- is my sweetheart from the time I get to know about this band. THIS SONG IS AN ULTIMATE LOVE SONG, SOUL HEALING...


10. I'm With You- Avril Lavigne People always say, save the best for last! And yes, it is true! AVRIL LAVIGNE is my first and most favorite singer of all time. She has the SWAG (even though I don't even get what does that word mean actually), but she is surely my fav. singer!!!

These are just some of my ideal type of music or songs that I know I would listen to forever until I die... Hope you would do the same! Find yourself some types of music and listen to them when you're down or when life is at its worst. I'm sure you'll get through!!!
To Be Continued...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Becoming a Pharmacist!!!

All information is taken from Occupational Outlook Handbook
I'm doing the reaserch for my interest job, so I thought I would write a post about this! For short, P. is for Phamacists

Quick Facts: Pharmacists
2010 Median Pay$111,570 per year
$53.64 per hour
Entry-Level EducationDoctoral or professional degree
Work Experience in a Related OccupationNone
On-the-job TrainingNone
Number of Jobs, 2010274,900
Job Outlook, 2010-2025% (Faster than average)
Employment Change, 2010-2069,700

1. WHAT?
1. Fill prescriptions, verifying instructions from physicians to give to patients
2. Check to make sure the prescriptions that fir best with the patietns' conditions
3. Instruct them on how and when to take medication
4. Advise with side effects and others like diet, exercise, etc
5. Complete insurance forms and work, keep records, and do administrative tasks
6. Teach other healthcare practitioners with proper medicine therapies

BUSINESS RELATED: Some own store or manage a chain pharmacy, such as: inventory management. Some work in a retail stores while some work in specialized field
EDUCATION RELATED: Some work for universities/ pharmaceutical manufactures that are involved in researching & testing new medicine. Some work full time as college professors. Some take continuing education throughout career to keep up with the advances in the field
COMPOUNDING: A process that the P. create customized medications by mixing ingredients themselves. But often time, they use standard dosages from pharmaceutical companies
- Work in hospitals/ other healthcare settings
- Spend less time dispensing prescriptions
- Spend more time involving in direct patient care
- Advice healthcare facilities/ insurance providers for more efficient pharmacy services
- Advice directly to patients, such as helping seniors managing prescriptions

P. held about 274,900 jobs in 2010
Pharmacies and drug stores
Hospitals; state, local, and private
Grocery stores
Department stores
Other general merchandise stores

3. HOW?
P. must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, must be lisenced (passed 2 exams)
- Required courses: Chem, Bio, Anatomy, undergrad. programs (2-3 yrs)
- Must have Bachelor's degree
- Must take PCAT (Pharmacy College Asmission Test)
- Pharm.D. takes 4 yrs, includes courses in pharmacology & medical ethics, supervised work experiences in diff. setting: hospitals, retail pharmacies
- Advanced pharmacy position: clinical pharmacy, research job complete 1-2-yr residency. Some who choose to own store may get a master's degree in business administration (MBA). Others may get a degree in public health.
LICENSES: 2 exams needed before licensed in all states
1. In pharmacy skills and knowledge
2. In pharmacy law in the state giving the pharmacy license
- Analytical skills: must provide safe medications efficiently, evaluate customer's needs & prescriber's orders, have extensive knowlege about effects and appropriate circumstances for gicing out a specific medication
- Communication skills: frequently advise customers, explain how to take med, offer clear direction to technicians & interns
- Detail oriented: responsible for ensuring the accuracy of prescriptions they fill
- Managerial skills: for those who run retail pharmacy, must have good managerial skills, managing inventory & overseeing a staff

4. HOW MUCH? $111,570 in 2010, could be more or less

- Expected to increase by 25% from 2010- 2020, faster than the average of all occupations
- New products due to scientific advances
- more people may get insurance coverage for medications
- Older people increase and use more prescriptipn medicines than younger people
- More complex healthcare % more people take multiple medications, more P. will need to counsel patients
- Increasing demand for P. in physicians' offices, outpatient care centers, & nursing homes

Biochemists and biophysicists

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Biochemists and biophysicists study the chemical and physical principles of living things and of biological processes such as cell development, growth, and heredity.Doctoral or professional degree $79,390
Medical scientists

Medical Scientists

Medical scientists conduct research aimed at improving overall human health. They often use clinical trials and other investigative methods to reach their findings.Doctoral or professional degree $76,700
Pharmacy technicians

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists dispense prescription medication.High school diploma or equivalent $28,400
Physicians and surgeons

Physicians and Surgeons

Physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses in patients. Physicians examine patients, take medical histories, prescribe medications, and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. Surgeons operate on patients to treat injuries, such as broken bones; diseases, such as cancerous tumors; and deformities, such as cleft palates.
Doctoral or professional degree This wage is equal to or greater than $166,400 per year.
Registered nurses

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.
Associate’s degree $64,690
 TOO HARD! TOO MUCH SCHOOLING! TOO MUCH TIME TAKEN! TOO MUCH MONEY! And I don't have money! It's do-able, but T.T...
I'm gonna marry a doctor, or some similar sorts, then I'm gonna stay home, open my own art studio... And that's all I'll do!!! HEHE, J/K... I will make it, to the P., or will not... I don't knowww!
HEADACHE!!! I have to write my 5 page poem analyzing essay about "The Tiger" by William Blake, it's been 2 weeks late already! @@ But my instructor, he's old and "cute," so he doesn't care! lol
P.S Pray for my someone to be faithful!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random bits!

Feeling all excited for OCTOBER! It's our 3rd anniversary month... No such words that could describe what love could be! I heard one of my friend described his love as a passionate one and sounded nice. However, his love didn't last over 4 months. It's all in the theory (never happens in real life) or if it does, it lasts for only a short amount of time, I believe... Mine is not a perfect one that I could proudly tell stories to people! But I treasure it, in every second of it...

 Forced to open the fridge and found out this!!!
 Yay to the Zara pumps that I've always wanted.
 Bits for memory! 
1. Initial cups- A & G:: Anthropology Grand Av.
2. Wooden & metal rose frame:: TJ Max
 Outfit for the 3rd anniversary
1. Black blazer:: H&M
2. Black crop top:: Motel Rocks from Nasty Gal
3. Golden black vintage belt:: H&M
4. Olive chiffon high waisted skirt:: AA
5. Silver choker:: H&M
6. Sheer tights:: H&M
7. Zara pumps:: gifted

 Up-close of the lovely!

 A FUN NIGHT! Got pretty excited for the Script concert! It was the 1st concert ever I've attended. It was amazing!!!
Two of my good friends got puked all over their hair and clothes, (*gross) but luckily I didn't get anything!
Such a memorable memory that I could ever imagine!!!


OCTOBER 28. 2012





1. Brown Knit scarf:: H&M- borrowed from the bf
2. New Speckled knit sweater:: AA 
3. Disco pants:: AA
6. Lips:: Antwerp Soft Matte Lip Cream NYX:: ULTA

 1. Black sweater, black beanie & sheer tights:: H&M
2. Black knit sweater outer wear:: Thifted
3. Olive skirt:: AA
4. Black suede ankle boots:: DV
5. Lips:: Mac Diva

 We're having fun!!! Richard is just too adorable!!

At a Business function, Amway,with the bf and some other members! I was convinced to join... Maybe change will come!

First day of Snow. November 13. 2012!!!

Current thoughts:: I don't feel mature to life and confused by what has been happening to me. I got stuck in the thought of no matter how hard I try, I still couldn't be able to afford for myself, still couldn't change the fate. After joining Amway, I've got discouraged right after that. However, I'm doing what I couldn't imagine myself doing, doing business... Sending messages to people asking them to buy products, talking to people marketing to sell the products I thought I would never do... After all, thanks to the bf, he's trying so hard not only to help me within his ability, but also always be there, yell at me, and argue with me for hours, but encourage me through this journey with him, already 3 years...
No matter where I end up, here in the US or back home where I belong, I feel blessed and thankful enough to have these moments as memories, to sit here, and write this blog post. Somedays, when I look back, for sure I would remember these random bits of moments of my life... I'm thankful for everything!
P.S:: Thanks God! Please bless my father and my mother and my 3 brothers and my sister in their own ways...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer to Pre-Fall Outfits 2012

 : :My current face!::
1. Hair: Ombre light brownish blonde tips
2. Makeup: Natural face with bold brows and nude lips

 : : My friend's birthday outfit!::
1. Chiffon Doubled-layer Shirred Waist Skirt- American Apparel
2. Off-white Chiffon shirt- Banana Republic
3. My bf's sweater!
4. Nude shoes- Michael Kors

 : : My friend's visit!::
1. Printed chiffon shirt- Urban Outfitters
2. Faux leather shorts- H&M
3. Brown sandals- old and secondhand from someone!

 : : My bf's birthday!!!::
1. Lace white dress- Zara Trf
2. Long simple silver necklace- Pacson

: : This amazing top, called 3-D Flower Mesh Jumper, is from American Apparel. I just tried it on in the store! It's freaking expensive, $88 as I remembered! =.=

: : Always has to stop by AA, my fav. store at the moment!
1. Black sweater- H&M
2. Patterned Knitted-like shorts- Urban Outfitters
3. Brown Platform Sandals- Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters

: : With my bf at my close friend's birthday!!!
1. Black with tiny golden stripes, long sleeve Turtleneck- H&M
2. Dark Green double-layered skirt- AA
3. Black vintage belt- H&M
4. Black sheer tights- H&M

::Back to school outfit!::
1. Gifted NYC basic printed T
2. Black Cardigan- Bf's
3. Gifted Tomboy Jeans- Diesel
4. Black suede boots- Dolce Vita
5. AA backpack