Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer to Pre-Fall Outfits 2012

 : :My current face!::
1. Hair: Ombre light brownish blonde tips
2. Makeup: Natural face with bold brows and nude lips

 : : My friend's birthday outfit!::
1. Chiffon Doubled-layer Shirred Waist Skirt- American Apparel
2. Off-white Chiffon shirt- Banana Republic
3. My bf's sweater!
4. Nude shoes- Michael Kors

 : : My friend's visit!::
1. Printed chiffon shirt- Urban Outfitters
2. Faux leather shorts- H&M
3. Brown sandals- old and secondhand from someone!

 : : My bf's birthday!!!::
1. Lace white dress- Zara Trf
2. Long simple silver necklace- Pacson

: : This amazing top, called 3-D Flower Mesh Jumper, is from American Apparel. I just tried it on in the store! It's freaking expensive, $88 as I remembered! =.=

: : Always has to stop by AA, my fav. store at the moment!
1. Black sweater- H&M
2. Patterned Knitted-like shorts- Urban Outfitters
3. Brown Platform Sandals- Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters

: : With my bf at my close friend's birthday!!!
1. Black with tiny golden stripes, long sleeve Turtleneck- H&M
2. Dark Green double-layered skirt- AA
3. Black vintage belt- H&M
4. Black sheer tights- H&M

::Back to school outfit!::
1. Gifted NYC basic printed T
2. Black Cardigan- Bf's
3. Gifted Tomboy Jeans- Diesel
4. Black suede boots- Dolce Vita
5. AA backpack