Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Horror Movies Worth Watching Part 1!!!

One of my favorite hobbies of all time is to watch horror movies at night by myself in my room.
This week is my last week of the winter break 12-13 before the spring semester 2013, and I'm getting super bored by all these things that are happening in my life. No inspirations, no interests in anything or anybody... Therefore, I tend to find things that trigger my mood like horror movies!

1. Grave Encounters- 1&2

The most cool and recent movie I've enjoyed watching! It's super awesome, but it's not that quite too scary that causes nightmares for me. I've heard some Youtube gurus reviewing about it, so I decided to watch it yesterday night when I couldn't fall asleep on with crappy quality. It's what you've got watching movies free. :D You should watch both part 1 (2011) and its sequel- part 2 (2012) together! Grave Encounters is a Canadian- American supernatural horror movie shot by found footage, written by The Vicious Brothers. The footage follows a group of people doing the TV show, named Grave Encounters, who locked themselves in a haunted psychiatric hospital in Canada (in reality, its name is based on the Collingwood Stocake, a mental hospital in Australia). And Grave Encounters part 2 is about a group fans (of the Grave Encounters part 1) who broke into the same mental hospital in the search to investigate whether the events happened in the movie is real. I love love the plot/ story line but dislike the actings. Anyways, great movie to check it out!!!

2. SAW
I watched the first two parts back in last year by myself and again in my room at night when I couldn't sleep and was bored, probably (pretty weird, right?!). But I gave up while watching part 3 because it was just too bloody that I could stand. Recently, I've finished watching SAW-the finale at my friend's house. It was a pretty twisted, satisfied, and good ending wrapping the entire long movie. However, I didn't like the killing parts, and again I hate blood. It was pretty fake, especially the "pink pretty blood" that they used as effects in the movie! >.<

3. The Cabin In The Wood

This movie is that type of movie that you should not judge before doing enough research and watching the movie! I was pretty confusing and disturbing seeing the people died or got killed too much and too fast! In addition, at the end, the whole entire cabin with the people in there got destroyed by the giant hand as known as the Ancient One/ GOD! wow!!! What is going on!!! Anyways, the movie portrays five friends who travel to a remote cabin and become victims of a seemingly stereotypical horror movie plt while being observed via hidden cameras by mysterious officers. I read the review about this movie for its underneath meaning. One interesting fact: the reason that any religious or non-religious rituals that always require five people that have been done numerously in the past is to see GOD! 

4. The Possession
I've watched this movie in theatre with a friend of mine and realized that it's another Exorcism type of movie. Then one more time with the HTs at Jenn's house (It was quite a fun night instead because people laughed at me. I missed the beginning part when the woman with the box in her house got killed suddenly in the first time watching it, so I didn't know that the HTs were watching The Possession. Funny that I said out loud, "That box looks like the box in The Possession!" Then later on the music when they played the lowest key in the piano which reminded me of the movie, and again I said "That music sounds just like in The Possession!" And everyone just laughed out loud... GEEZ!!! It's obviously because we were watching The Possession!!! HOW SILLY!!! =.=). Anyways, it's a 2012 supernatural horror film directed by Ole Bornedal and co-produced by Sam Raimi. Again, the story line is what I love the most in these movies, and it does not have that many scares (PG-13 rated, that's why!). It's about a haunted dybbuk box!!! :P It's a happy ending to the family, but not other people that relate to the family! It's all I could say...

5. The Women In Black

I love love the scenes and the effects they do in this movie! It's just stunning! The Woman In Black is a 2012 horror movie directed by James Watkins, written bu Jane Goldman, and is based on Susan Hill's novel. It was produced by the Hammer Film Productions, starring Daniel Radcliffe (our beloved and grown up Harry Potter, wootwoot), and being released in America and Canada before being released in the UK- where it was made

6. Paranormal Activities- 1, 2, 3, & 4

I've always been curious in watching these sequels after watching the first Paranormal Activities movie ever. Not that many people like this movie a lot, but I like it. It's again an American supernatural horror movie! I've watch all parts of the movie, except part 2! 

7. Silent House

This movie is again quite a twist when I walked out being totally confused and such! However, after hearing from my friend saying that all what has happened in the movie is just what the girl's flashback mixed with reality, all psychic tricks in human mind that no one ever understands! 

8. The Last Exorcism
This movie is just terrifying! It's obviously about the Exorcism that I've always been enjoyed watching!!! Definitely a must!!!

Wow, that's quite a handful of movies I've watched and ended up liking recently! Besides, there are The Devil Inside, Insidious, Let The Right One In (the Swedish version), House At The End Of The Street, Silent Hill (the 2012 part, I don't quite understand the movie wholly but it was alright!), Final Destination (2012)... And what else I don't remember!!!
Again, all of the numberings above are just random, and not by any orders of liking! I personally like supernatural horror movies (not too much blood and cutting and killing/ just scares!!!). I know it's not for everybody type of movies, but well gotta enjoy everything that we could, right?!?!


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