Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Jan&Feb 2013- Instagram Recap!

Happy March!
I'm a fanatic Instagrammer as you would like to know! Indeed, I personally love to take picture to keep as memories for later days. I treasure the moments lots! Hope you enjoy!
First picture of the year!
Quotes for the year to live on...
Dressed so nice for the Vietnamese new year mass,
then got a flat tire, and ended up waiting for 2 hours at Sears for the tire replacement!
good start!
HTs got-together party
Warm and cozy!
Cafe Latte late night soups and bread 
The HTs retreat cook for each other
SUch an emotional kind of day also!

After New Year Tet celebration at the UofM
with the bf
enjoying good food and good country music!
The beers were so good!

With my silly bff! <3

Random posing at the MoA
with the HTs girl crew!

Me again with the fav. outfit at the moment!
light striped jeans- American Apparel
Patel pink nails
chunky-heeled sandals- Zara

Bought the package at the Paper Source uptown
and finished them by 1 night!
Look kinda cool though

Again added these three cuties in my collection of 
cactus & sulucents

Self posing with my old MyTouch
crappy quality

Cafe Latte's all kind of cakes

Home-made Papaya salad
That's how Vietnamese roll
my fav dish. of all time!

Korean cuisine is also in my book!

Nailtini's Frappe from the MyGlam bag

My causal lazy me pose!

Got so excited after finding out that the gold chain necklace was sold at the H&M store!
I've been wearing it nonstop!
Have you noticed the quality of these pics?
Yup, I got my new iPhone5
Loving it!
POsing with my cutest baby Richard! He's gonna be a bigger brother soon! In 3 months, lol
With my 2 fav. cousins!
Nancy is a nerd! lol

With my fav American girl!
My cousin's friend- Joanna

Frozen Yogurt- Cherry Berry- local store!

MoA with my fav. cousin at Lego store! Love the beautiful picture made of millions of Lego pieces!!!

This believed to be the last snow day of the year, hopefully!
Counteract with the coldness, I chose a Mocha cooler!

School gym
Early Monday!
I hate!

The blue printed jeans I got from Mango
Believe it or not?!?!
They were $5

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