Monday, April 15, 2013

Soul Food Journey! #1 Korean Japchae Vietnamese Style

Japchae is a Korean stir fried noodle mixed with vegetables dish. 
1. Ingredients: (could be found at any Asian restaurants)
Starch Noodles ("dangmyun")
- Beef
- Half a cabbage
- 1 Medium size Carrot
- 1 Medium size Onion
- Mushrooms ( dried Shiitake, button mushrooms,... or any kinds of mushrooms would be delicious!)
- Garlic
- Green Onion
- Soy sauce, vegetable or olive oil, Sesame oil, sugar, pepper, Sesame seeds
- Spinach (not used here, but recommend! Boil and rinse with cold water, chop and mix with the mixture)
- Eggs
- Green, Red, yellow peppers (adding colors. You can neglect it if you don't like the taste)
2. Prepping:
- BEEF MARINATING: Cut the beef into strips, pencil-size, across the grain, mix it with: soy sauce, a pinch of salt, finely chopped garlic, sugar, pepper, sesame oil, sesame seeds. 
Cover with a plastic grap and put into the fridge
Well-marinated beef!
- Soak the dried Shiitake mushrooms with hot water, let it soft and slice
- Carefully wash all vegetables, and slice 
Chopped/ Sliced Vegetables
 - Boil the Starch noodles (as instructed, or once it's softened), set aside (add in soy sauce and sesame oil into the noodles)
Korean Noodles (After boiled)
- Prepare the soy-sauce mixture to mix with all stir-fried ingredients later: A bow of soy sauce, half bow of sugar, finely chopped garlic, and sesame seed
- Cut green onion into 3-in thin strips, soak into cold water for garnishing later
Green Onion, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Sugar, and Sesame Seeds
3. Stir frying and mixing
- Add in vegetable or olive oil into a hot pan, put in any vegetable you'd prefer and stir fried it quickly till it's cooked, add in a pinch of salt and sesame oil each time
- Stir fry the marinated beef
- Fry some eggs and slice into strips
- Mix all stir fried ingredients with the soy-sauce mixture made earlier (do it with clean hands). Add in the egg strips, green onion, and sesame seeds for decoration.

Final Product! I've added some fried egg, Sesame Seeds, and Green Onion garnishing!
More close-up!
All ingredients are well-mixed!
Would you like some?
I love this dish, easy to make and taste delicious! Promise you won't get tired of eating this at all, not until you're full of course! I love Korean food!
Instagram Recap!
Happy Cooking,

and thanks for reading!

An Trieu
 P.S: Check out Maangchi and her Korean cooking show on You Tube! I love her personality so much! She's Korean living in America though! Maangchi

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