Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Soul Food Journey #2! Vietnamese Tofu Dessert with Sugar Syrup and Ginger

Soul Food Journey is a series here that I document my homemade food and drinks of all kind that I love and have adjusted to my taste! Surely, they are all healthy and delicious!
My Soul Food Journey #2. Check out my Soul Food Journey #1 (Korean Japchae)
All of these ingredients can easily be found at any Asian markets!
1. Ingredients:
Orange Tofu -according to the color of the package (Extra Soft)
1 package per serving

 Brown Sugar (Palm sugar would be fine too!)
This bag comes with 5 pieces!
I used 2 pieces per 3 servings!

 Ginger (thinly slice)

2. Prepping and serving:
Boil a cup of water and add in 2 or 3 pieces of the brown sugar. Simmer in low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. (Adjust the sweetness to your taste by adding more water or sugar. Remember the syrup has to be a lot sweeter than normal because it will balance the plain taste of the tofu later on when you add everything together)

Then add in the sliced gingers before serving and simmer for couple more minutes.
Add in thinly sliced ginger pieces

Use a flat/narrow spoon and scoop out 1 package of the tofu into a bowl and MICROWAVE it in 1-2 minutes. Add in the hot sugar syrup and serve right away!

3. Storage
Simply pour the syrup into a glass jar or any containers and store it in the fridge or even everywhere at room temperature! 
Reheat the syrup for the next serving!

In Vietnam, we usually don't make this dessert at home because the soft tofu is not that easy to make. Only people who do this for a living know how, and they sell it a lot as street vendors anytime of the year. Thankfully, here in America, they have it made and packaged nicely, so we can have it homemade. However, originally, we usually serve this dessert with condensed coconut milk with added tapioca starch for the dense consistency. I tried this with the coconut milk here, in America, and didn't really like it). You can try adding it in, who knows you might like it!
Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

An Trieu

That's how we do! :D

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