Monday, June 10, 2013

My Dream Bag- PS11

I've always been a fan of a black, square-rectangle-ish kind of bag! I've seen so many celebrities and fashion bloggers rocking this bag. I'm hooked! Yes, Proenza Schouler 11... Saving money for is baby is i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e! T.T But I wish that one day I would have my hand on it though... 
PS 11 Classic- $1,950,000 o.o

PS 11 Classic- with opened flap view
Side view of this gorgeous bag!

And its back view
I'm not the one who likes to have lots of on-trend bags and leaving them alone when the season is out. To me, I can wear some really simple clothes that I've got on sale with super cheap prices, but a bag has to be a branded good chic looking. It doesn't have to be so expensive, but branded one is essential though. What's your dream bag?
[All pictures are taken from Proenza Schouler official website]
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

OOTD- Spring 2013

Running outfit: Top: my bf's (American Apparel basic T)| Bottom: American Apparel high waisted shorts | Shoes: Toms
 : :
Top: Kensie | Bottom: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Chain: H&M
 : :
On her: Top: Kensie | Bottom: Kensie
 Bag: Charming Charlie. On me: same outfit as above
Top: Kensie | Bottom: Free People | Bag: my good'ol Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sandals: Urban Outfitters
On Him: Top: Banana Republic | Bottom: Club Monaco | Shoes: Clark. On me: Top: Kensie | Bottom: American Apparel| Sandals: Urban Outfitters
On her: unknown brand. On me: Top: Club Monaco | Bottom: American Apparel | Pumps: Zara | Necklace: F21

Top: Banana Republic | Bottom: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Toms | My LV purse
On Him: Top: Banana Republic | Bottom: Club Monaco | Shoes: 1901 | Socks: American Apparel. On me: same as above
Snapback: Urban Outfitters

Top: Pac Sun | Bottom: Banana Republic | Flip-slops: American Eagle | My LV purse

Sunnies: Rayban
Top: Club Monaco | Bottom: American Apparel

Me again with my #selfie
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An Trieu

Fishtail Braid- How to (with pictures and video)

Here I'm showing you a super easy hair tutorial that you can do when you want something more than just a regular French-braid! 
This hair style is called: THE FISHTAIL BRAID...

Step 1: start off with a nicely combed hair, make sure there is no tangles (That's me with that happy face in the background, hehe)
 Step 2: split hair into 2 even sections
Step 3: start by pulling a small section of hair from the back of either her left/right side. Here I'm taking hair from her left, and still holding on to the 2 previously divided sections with my right hand

Step 4: pull that small piece of hair and join it with her right bigger section
Step 5: repeat by pulling a small piece of hair from the back of her right side, join it with her left, and pull sideward to make sure the hair gets distributed evenly
Now you have your first set of the fish tail braid
 Step 6: Repeat 5 previous steps until you run out of hair. Secure the end with a rubber band

Add some flowers for a summer-breezy look...

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An Trieu