Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't Throw Those Flowers Away! #DIY

Here is my take on how to recycle/reuse those dead/dry flowers my boyfriends gifted me for my birthday from last year!
I used to hate it when I got to receive fresh flowers when those are just literally dry out dead in the matter of days. But I've found out there are ways to DIYs those dead/dry flowers into useable things inside the house.
Remove them from the water source and hang them upside down, let air dry in months or years
Just forget about them for awhile...
Here are my roses after a year:
 STEP 1: Lay'em all here and see what you've got! Here I have some dry yellow roses and some greens! The Pear Yellow bottle I thrifted at a local thriftshop last Sunday for only 45 cents! lol
STEP 2: Even out the length of each and put'em in!
With the Roses only!
With some greens!
 Which one would you prefer? I went with the roses alone! It was extremely easy and fast to do! It took me literally 2 minutes to do...
Let me know if you have any requests for me to do some other DIYs!
Thanks for reading!
An Trieu

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