Sunday, July 7, 2013

Downtown Stillwater

Looking for what to do in a weekend getaway?
Stillwater is about 45 minutes to an hour drive away from the Twin Cities. If you're wondering what is fun there! Check this out!
Gorgeous view looking out to St. Croix river
Looks like a harbor, doesn't it?
Gorgeous view!
 It takes roughly half an hour from where I live to downtown Stillwater, MN. Little did I know that Stillware is considered as a birth place of Minnesota. The people I had met there are extremely chilled and kind. I enjoyed the quick trip last July 3rd, though. 
If you pay attention, there's a gondola behind the visitors in the picture. Check out "The Dock Cafe." It's where you can reserve a romantic ride for two in a weekend getaway!
My cousins! Love them bunches!
Cutest cousin
I took my boyfriend there early on July 4th!

The cruise was quite boring, but we made it fun! It was mostly the old people catching up with each other. There are even plenty of shops along the street for you shoppers. There is a gondola ride, historic ride on a red trolley. 
I didn't get to stay to see fireworks late that night. But, If you're tired of getting to crowded up watching fireworks in downtown. Why don't get away to suburban areas. I've heard good things about fireworks along the St. Croix's riverside. I definitely will spend my July 4th holiday to watch fireworks here! 
How was your July 4th?
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