Saturday, November 23, 2013

Are you a Brow Girl?

I am! 
I get crazy with brows. Yes, I am a brow girl!
Haha... jk. Let's talk about brows. 
My brow girl model? Yes, no one else, it's Cara Delevingne.
Look carefully on those kick-ass brows! Crazy? They say the thicker the brows, the younger you look! They are in! Don't trust me? Look at Pamela Anderson's line-thin brows:
Here is Keira Knightly's brow looks to compare: 
Which brow look would you prefer?
Wanting more proof?
Duh! I'm just kidding! Not too thick!!! Your brows have to match your hair color if you want to look natural. Unless you're doing some editorial looks or you're in a runway, don't run-your-own-way! haha

OMG, unless I was born with those thick hairy brows! I am hairy, (lol) but my brow ends grow downwards. Sigh, sad!!! So I have to pluck/wax off the crazy ends, and fill them in just a bit to achieve what I want! Thicker and natural brow look.
My everyday brows

In terms of what I do to my brows (keep'em thick and full) everyday, these are some products I recommend:
1. Anastasia Brow Powder Duo 

- It comes with variety of colors, so come to your local Sephora store and try 'em out. I use an angled brush to fill them in, and I find it's the easiest and quickest way for me.

- Price: $23

- This is a pencil type of pen. Not too confusing but the brow end is harder than a regular pencil brows. The other end is a spoole which is super convenient to brush off any extra products on your brows, giving them a really natural look.
- Price: $21

- This sets everything you've done for your brows. It doesn't matter if you use powder, pencil, or gel brow products. If you want to keep your brows in put, brush some of this baby on! It does wonders!!!
- Price: $22

- Yes, with an angled brush, this stuff plays all roles that you can think of for your brows! Just brush 'em on, and you're good to go! However, I find that this doesn't stay on as well as the Anastasia ones.
- Price: $20

5. Angled Brush for both brows and eyeliner I recommend: 

Well, that's it! Hope this helps...
Thanks for reading,
An Trieu

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Collection #1

Surprised yet! All Jeffrey Campbell shoes I got were from
1. Tardy Lo Platform bootie
2. Benson Cutout Boot

3. Ochoa Buckled Bootie

Same packaging as the Benson!
4. Encase Sandal JC

More photo comparisons: 
Some say, the higher the heels, the closer to God! haha I feel very true! I love those super high heels/platforms and the silhouette/illusion they give! As you can see on some of my shoe taste above, I don't like those 2-3in heels which look pretty funny and awkward to me! Plus who doesn't like deals. Never buy shoes in original price. I admit that I do shop a lot though, but I shop for deals. All of the shoes above I got were less than $80 per pairs on flash sale/ weekend type of deal. Good deal for Jeffrey Campbell since each of them were at least $150 or more!
Happy shopping,
An Trieu

Run, Forest Run!

Have you heard about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant? Yes? Maybe? Does it sound familiar? If you happen to watch Forrest Gump or not happen to watch it, then you have to watch it now!
It's an American classic movie... all American, really!
Last summer, prior to my boyfriend's birthday, we stopped by this restaurant by chance. We had a really great time when the whole experience reminded us about the movie so much. My boyfriend introduced this movie to me, and we rented the movie from REDBOX and watched. Somehow, Gump reminds me of my boyfriend in every single way. Well, Gump is described as a not so intelligent character, but he knows what love is... and blah blah (not what I meant my boyfriend is, but he just looks and acts silly comparable to Gump, hehe! SO I do sometimes call him my Gump) :)
The restaurant is located at the third floor of the Mall of America (MN) by the food area. Check it out if you've watched the movie already! Well, the food there is ok but is a little overpriced. We had some classic fried shrimps with some dipping sauce and a fish dish. Pretty good! Despite the fact that the drinks we got were vodka (made my head dizzy) and they are for free if we got those drinks, we pretty much paid for the glasses that came with too! $12/drink I think! Cray! But trust me you'll enjoy the experience if you've watched the movie already!


Matt (the guy that jumped with me) told me to smile, and I did... like a lot! =]] We took more than 300 selfies though... 
Friends and I got lost for like an hour, prepped and waited for 2 hours with anxiety, took a 5min plane trip up to like 13,000ft high, and dived the sky in 40 seconds! I felt the sky, the cloud, the air, the wind, the pressure, and saw the world from up high in awe... Gahhh.. AMAZING!!!!

This was about 4 months ago, gosh, I forgot to blog about it!!! But yes, seriously. It was one of the best experience just yet!
P.S: JUST DO IT... because life is too short to negotiate!

Coffee Addict!

Yes, I am! How about you??? What's your favorite coffee type?
1. At home
- Mine is home-made, technically, doesn't cost money and takes 2 minutes to make every morning when I'm in a rush to school or work.
What you need: low-fat milk and instant coffee bag of any types.
Just simply heat a cup of milk in the microwave for ~2 minutes, then add the coffee powder in, stir well, and taah daah!
- How about coffee with some ice? Yes, it's Vietnamese milk and ice coffee. If you haven't tried it, then please order it at any Vietnamese restaurants near you.
2. Local coffee shops
As I live in the Twin Cities area, I love trying and discovering new restaurants and shops around on the weekends. Here are some coffee shops I like so far:
- Nina: by the Cathedral, downtown St. Paul. 165 Western Ave N, St Paul, MN 55102
 - Dogwood Coffee- Neon espresso: Calhoun square, uptown MN
There will be more to come! Stay tuned! 
Thanks for reading!