Friday, November 15, 2013

Black Eyeliner I trust!

Beauty bits: #1 EYELINER
I'm that kind of brow and eyeliner girl. I'll do a separate blog of what products and how I do my brows. But today it is all about that eyeliner, baby!
I'm Asian, and therefore, I'm not excluded from any of those so Asian with hooded or uneven eyelids! So when it comes to eyeliner, I'm super picky in choosing the right eyeliner for my everyday routine! Characteristics I consider before buying:
- black
- waterproof
- won't smudge
- not flaky (fall out into pieces)
- dry fast
- easy to use

1. Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner- Color: Black/Jet black

This is a felt-tip eyeliner pen! That means the brush is slightly harder than regular brush, tapered, so it's easier to control. And more precise line is resulted.
- Where to buy: Sephora, Ulta (online and store)
- Price: $20

2. Kat Von D Tattoo liner- Color: Trooper/Ink black

The staying power of this eyeliner is super! It is exactly what it is called: tattoo! Again, this liner pen comes with a felt tip. However, for felt tip pens (this one and the Stila) the products seem to run out faster! 
- Where to buy: Sephora (online and store)
- Price: $18

3. NARS eyeliner Pencil- Color: Black moon/ dense black

Personally, I don't trust eyeliner pencil alone! I've had some pretty smudgy situation that the liner transfers down to my lower eyelids pretty bad (Panda eyes) after couple hours wearing. Now, I use pencil to line my upper lids and top it off with some liquid liners. For lower lids, I sometimes use it to darken the outer third of my lower eyelids, then I use some brown or black eyeshadow to set the pencil liner. Also, don't forget to wear eye primer before all of the above 'cause trust me, no products can work miracle as they claim! 
- Where to buy: Sephora (online and store)
- Price: $22

4. Make Up Forever Aqua eyes- Color: 13 Mat Black/ Matte black

I've heard the 'Aqua' products from Make Up Forever are used for professional swimmers or those who encounter with water a lot. This comes as seen in the picture with the liquid liner container and the fine brush alone! The product is pretty small, but it will last you for quite sometimes though. I don't prefer this or any other type of liners than the felt brush at all. The liner does take time to dry so be careful!
- Where to buy: Sephora (online and store)
- Price: $23

I will update with any other new products I try. Stay tuned for my best brow products and good luck!
Thanks for reading,
Love, An Trieu

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