Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Run, Forest Run!

Have you heard about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant? Yes? Maybe? Does it sound familiar? If you happen to watch Forrest Gump or not happen to watch it, then you have to watch it now!
It's an American classic movie... all American, really!
Last summer, prior to my boyfriend's birthday, we stopped by this restaurant by chance. We had a really great time when the whole experience reminded us about the movie so much. My boyfriend introduced this movie to me, and we rented the movie from REDBOX and watched. Somehow, Gump reminds me of my boyfriend in every single way. Well, Gump is described as a not so intelligent character, but he knows what love is... and blah blah (not what I meant my boyfriend is, but he just looks and acts silly comparable to Gump, hehe! SO I do sometimes call him my Gump) :)
The restaurant is located at the third floor of the Mall of America (MN) by the food area. Check it out if you've watched the movie already! Well, the food there is ok but is a little overpriced. We had some classic fried shrimps with some dipping sauce and a fish dish. Pretty good! Despite the fact that the drinks we got were vodka (made my head dizzy) and they are for free if we got those drinks, we pretty much paid for the glasses that came with too! $12/drink I think! Cray! But trust me you'll enjoy the experience if you've watched the movie already!

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