Thursday, January 30, 2014

Color Me or Black and White?


Would you prefer a modern bold look or just a classic black and white one? Colors bring excitement and cheerfulness. Black and white or gray-scale conveys maturity and sophistication. I'd go with the color version of myself anytime of the day because I think every color speaks to itself. As a whole colors bring in a cheerful and happy picture. However, recently I'd choose the black and white version of myself rather. Having no color plainly stops me from browsing around and stops to think. I'd like to think. That silence is very much needed. It relaxes.
Everything is coming to and end. And end, to me, is a new beginning. I don't stop and never stop proving to myself that I could be a better self than I was yesterday. I spend more time with myself more this beginning of the year, staying away from influences [people], but because I can have more time thinking. Just thinking. I choose to live slowly, sometimes even pause a little bit, just stop and stare. What do we do when we stop and stare? We think! If I'm not happy by myself then how can I be happy with someone else?
The sweetheart Top is actually a jumpsuit I got from Urban Outfitters on sale for a really cheap price! I altered the sides a little bit to fit my flat front! Haha... Anyways, I bought it with an intention to wear for Valentine's or my birthday date coming soon. But I guess I won't be wearing it anytime soon, sadly! Why??? Well, I don't know! What will be will be!

Happy New Year!

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