Thursday, January 30, 2014

Worthy Eyeshadow Palettes (& Reasons Why I Love Them)

Can you guess which palettes I'm going to talk about?

1. Lorac Pro Palette: (top 2 rows)
- Where I got it: Sephora
- Price: $42
- Why I love it: Lorac was a hype at the time I got it. It is actuallt worth the hype! With some mattes and some shimmers, Lorac has served me well in achieving both natural and smoky eye looks. For everyday shades, I'd use either mauve or taupe on the crease. Plus some brows, eyeliner, and mascara, and then concealer are all I wear everyday. 

2. Naked Palette (bottom 2 rows)
- Where I got it: Sephora
- Price: $52
- Why I love it: Warm-toned Bronzy Neutrals. Need me to say more? Naked palette from Urban Decay is a legend, I'd say! The shadows are pigmented and need none-to-little effort in order to achieve great looking eye shades! One color alone on your lids even looks great!

3. Naked 3 (Middle 2 rows)
- Where I got it: Sephora, duh!
- Price: $52
- Why I love it: Rosy hues. I just got this palette recently, and for sure I'll use this everyday! It comes in 12 shades ranging from light champagne colors to darker smokier ones. There are some shades for warmer skin tone and some for cooler skin tone. (The reason why I didn't buy the Naked 2 is because it's more for cooler skin-toned people).

A palette costs 50 bucks? Expensive, huh? But trust me, a palette will last you for a life time! For a person that doesn't wear makeup everyday like me, I think I'd pass these down to my grand-kids even! Haha... I've done enough research and read enough reviews about whatever I intend to purchase, so trust me on this!
Thanks for reading,
An Trieu

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