Friday, May 30, 2014

Black and White, again!

Yah, I don't have a definition on what a TGIF really is. People go out and enjoy their night. I just go home right after work and sit back and chill. I wore this outfit couple days ago when I was out running errands and driving cousins to piano.
Shirt: Vince Camuto (Nordstrom Rack)
Skirt: Express (last season sale)
Bag: Topshop
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Be safe!
An Trieu <3

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Breezy Spring Look

Make life an endless adventure!
Shirt: Vince Camuto
Skirt: Jcrew
Bag: Topshop
Heeled sandals: Jeffrey Campbell (Nasty Gal)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban aviator

Monday, May 26, 2014

White Shirt Dress and Platform Heels

Shirt dress for some might seem intimidating. Just wear it with biker shorts or any comfy shorts underneath, you'll be all just fine. Avoid wearing it with pants! That longer shirt with pants/leggings trend is no longer in. I lucked out on this dress, got it on sale plus the extra 40% off, so it was about $25 at the Jcrew store. 
Enjoy the outfit pairing!

Spring Fling

Just another OOTD as I took advantage of the the beautiful scenery and weather! Oh I love spring!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shops I Frequent

Let's go shopping...
1. Topshop: Online and in-store (within Norstrom of the Mall of America and Nordstrom Rack). The only reason I don't like about shopping from Topshop is that they charge extra fee for international purchase. Items are shipped from the UK, so the US is charged! Now they do provide free shipping and free return, so it's pretty good! Topshop offers contemporary, unique, and decent quality clothing which I love. I'm not so fond of their shoes, cosmetics, nor accessories. It's a UK brand, so of course we've got to pay slightly more. It's quite expensive, but I can afford the sale racks! But I have to admit that their clothes are quite unique to the point that I'd totally rock it wearing the item from the past season. 
white shirt: Topshop (Nordstrom Rack $24), bag: Topshop $30
2. Zara: It's been in my dream that one day Zara store would come to MN. All of the Zara items I own is in my most loved list. I'd recommend buying clothes and shoes! Zara rarely puts things on sale, perhaps twice a year, mostly end-of-season sale. But once in a while it's worth it to spend $99 on a pair of shoes from the brand. Because their stuff is sold out so fast once there's a hype around. My wish came true when I visited Chicago and stepped into the Zara store last '13 summer. Embarrassing enough that I only could afford a $40 crop jacket! And yes, we took pictures in front of the store! You see how obsessed I am!
the Zara store, duh!
3. Jcrew vs. Banana Republic: I love Jcrew!!! I still stop by Banana Republic once in while. Why BR? Yeah, I just think Jcrew is a younger sister to BR. They don't have anything to compare, but I always have similar reasons to shop or not to shop in these two store. BR is way more affordable. Jcrew is way more cuter. The downside to these store is the fit! I wear BR's 00 or even 00P (00 for petite) and XXS from Jcrew. Thank God that they now have clothes that fit me! I don't shop at BR that frequent anymore because I just haven't found anything that fit or look nice on me. And yes, Jcrew end of season sale is cray! I'd totally buy Jcrew's sale items with extra 40% off. Funny, huh?
top & bag: Topshop (top: Nordstrom Rack $14, bag: Nordstrom in-store: $30, skirt: Jcrew $24, heels: Zara $40
4. Nasty Gal: Need me say more? Sophia Amoruso is my idol. She's recently released her book, called #GIRLBOSS, where she tells people about her shop-lifting past and her eBay success! She's one excellent example for gilrs out there who want to make it big in the fashion industry, like me! Jeffrey Campbell shoes are made popular by the Nasty Gal girls. Their own brand clothes and shoes, Nasty Gal, are pretty decent. I shop mostly for Jeffrey Campbell boots and sandals. I love their sale sections and deals. They sometimes have those weekend/holiday sales that catches my credit card numbers. 
Can you spot 5 Jeffrey Campbell shoes?
5. American Apparel: Oh how I love and hate the brand at the same brand! The brand has the best basics and the most ridiculously priced tags. I always have to create new emails just-to-get-the-30%-off from the first time purchase (shhh, it's another pet-peeve of mine!). But yeah, seriously though, their disco pants I've worn and will wear to death, meaning that they are still in good shape and look fab, as always. My recent purchase I love is the speckle knit cardigan/shawl I've been carrying along with my in those chilly spring nights here in MN. Yes, another 30% off deal from the like-a-coupon thing.
shawl: American Apparel %56
6. The Opitz Outlet (St. Louis Park & Minnetonka, MN): I have to mention this outlet. It's a less than 70% off designer brands. But, again, I can only afford the sale racks. I shop at the 90% off section. Yes, they have it there! When you have plenty of time and plenty of gas to spend, do spend it on this outlet! It's worth it! The last trip I got a Free People dress with broken zipper in the $5 rack. I bought it obviously, altered it (cause I work at a tailoring shop, so yeah!), and sold it on eBay for $60. Another proud moment was when I was lucky enough to spot a $460 Helmut Lang blazer for $55. It's S, but I can ONLY FIT <XS sadly. But I do have it on sale on my eBay account. And yes, $55 Elizabeth & James (the Olson twins' brand) platform sandals that I couldn't pass...

Elizabeth & James: $55
7. Urban Outfitters (UO): My Ultimate Shopping Experience.  I love the atmosphere that the store gives, casual, hippy, boho, uptown... $9.99 deals are most frequently on all the time. They do extra 50% often enough on their sale racks that who doesn't love. I wouldn't say their clothes's quality is the best, not, but it's ok. You know! 
pants: Silence & noise $9.99 (UO)
Well, hope this has helped you somewhat!
An Trieu

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Haul

Gotta stay healthy first!!! $9
All Genuine Leather
My thrifted pride!
3 pairs of sandals: Savers total $15
Backpack: Value Thrift $3
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Elizabeth & James: Opitz Outlet $55
Instax camera- Urban Outfitters $70 ($30 off $100 deal) 
Can I haul a Macaroon also? 
Helmut Lang blazer: Opitz Outlet $55
Leather Bomber Jacket: Salvation Army $5 
I know I'm cheating for hauling this piece of arty lollipop! Haha, I created this out of a real KIWI fruit!
And hauling my new plants!

Hiker Wannabe

What I wore: 
Top: Patterson J. Kincaid (Nordstrom Rack)
Shots & Shawk: American Apparel
Chain: Urban Outfitters
Bag & sandals: thrifted at a local Savers & Value Thrift

Easter Sunday Brunch

What I wore:
Shirt & bag: Topshop
Disco pants: American Apparel
Chain: H&M
Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell (Nasty Gal)
Rayban sunglasses

Different Shades of Gray

I mean there's black and white too!

 What I wore:
Turtleneck Sweater: Trouve (Nordstrom Rack)
Maxi Dress: LA Heart (Pacsun)
Chain: H&M
Bag: Topshop