Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CHICAGO and Vlogs!

One of the highlights of this summer was my Chicago trip back in June!

Besides the horrible flight ride, everything else I experienced was amazing!
1. Never flight Spirit:
People say you get what you pay. True! I paid $130 for the plane ticket to get to Chicago out of a wimp and thought that was a good deal. I ended up paying $45 extra for the luggage bag both going and returning flights. Ridiculous! 
2. Never be late for a flight:
I didn't check the flying time carefully enough. I thought that it took off at 6:30, so I showed up at 6:10 while it left at 6:05am. Then I ended up spending the whole day at the airport. SADLY ENOUGH, I'S ONLY 10 MINS AWAY FROM MY HOUSE! =.= Luckily, I spent that whole Thursday to edit my Camp video vlog
- Pack basics: just in case you run out of clothes or ideas of what to wear
- Bring a rolling suitcase, not a carry-on bag!!!
- Don't forget your under-wears (staying for a week, pack 10)
- Makeup/personal toiletries: no big liquid bottles, buy the travel size friendly containers (Target/dollar stores...), bring only 1 basic/your most-used eye shadow palette, small perfume bottle (best to get the roll-on kinds), a towel (just in case you spend the night at someone else house, not the hotels), 
- Hotels: locations, prices
- Hostels: cheaper than hotels (recommended for travelers in a budget who don't mind sharing the room with others)
- Restaurants: donwnload YELP or always google high rating restaurants, try out new ones that you haven't heard of or have heard of but never tried
- Transportation: take the train never taxis (of course, taxis are convenient but expensive), download UBER, SIDECAR, or LIFT (other public transportations that are a lot cheaper and friendlier~)
- Places you want to go: Downtown CHICAGO? The Bean (Millennium Park), Chicago Art Institue, Navy Pier, The Field museum, The Shedd aquarium, The 360 Chicago (The John Hancock tower), The Willis tower, The magnificent mile (shopping stores/restaurants...) AND MANY MORE..
5. Traveling alone tips:
- Always charge your phone/ have your laptop by your side
- Bring a packpack with you everywhere (has phone charger, a backup charger (mine is my Macbook air, so it's light enough to carry around), of course ID and credit card, sunglasses, tennis shoes/comfy sandals
- BE CAREFUL: What I meant by this is chances are you'll be most likely to share rooms/beds with friends and other people, so be really careful of what could possibly happen, and always know what's right to do)
- Contact your local friends, they'll be the best googling devices in terms of places to eat, drink, and have fun!
- Don't be afraid to make new friends, ask questions, get help, and TALK!!!
- Tough situations can always happen, so be calm to find ways to deal with it and travel on!!!
Any traveling tips? Comment below!
And thanks for reading!
An Trieu

Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to: Take In Pants (at the waist)

Ever wondering why your local tailors charge so high on pants/skirts having their waists taken-in? Read this! Or simply you want to know how to do your own pants? Check this post out anyways... You might end up being a pro and never have to spend a dime on your  next clothing items.
What you need:
Sewing machine, chalk (the one that disappear once you steam it), razor/small sharp knife, ruler (recommend a foot-12''), scissors, thread of your pants' color, steamed iron, a flat working surface, time and patience, and your unfit pants!
1. Try on your pants, pull at the waist and mark'em where they fit you the most comfortably with a chalk

 Make sure you mark the side of the pants (as seen below) from the waist band to (X) is where the pants are lose 
 2. Remove/detach threads on the belt-loops (upper parts), waist band (lower part) a little pass the side seams (stop at two front marks- as seen below), and of course the brand tag!!! *for designer clothes, the brand tags are the MUST KEPT*
 3. Measure the chalk mark from the fitting (step 1)- Here it is 3ins that need to be taken-in (This mean yo have to take in 1.5ins each side) *Tips: some pants there are bigger gaps between the back pockets to the side seams, and this calls for 2 sides taken in. Some have bigger gap between the two back pockets versus from the back pockets to the side seams, so we'll have to put the middle back seam in consideration).
 4. Iron things as we go. Here I'm ironing the two side seams (inside out)
5. Measure from the stitching inwards 3/4in (cause we're doubling each side) -3/4in*2=1.5in (times2=3in)! Yup, Maths is involved! :P Then with the ruler and chalk, draw a line tapering the line as we go downward. Remember the (X) from step 1, your new line should end somewhere there.
 5. Flatten out the waist band, inside out, folded at the middle seam, draw a line of 1.5in (doubling it's 3!)
 6. Cut off excess fabric at the waist band and side seams if needed, fold it at its natural state, remove excess threads, iron the waist band & new side seams
 7. Reline up the waist band to the pants' body
 8. Sew the waist band (facing out part to the body first) at the tip of my finger as you can see. Pants inside out, make sure the needed to be sewn parts are flat
 Don't forget the belt-loops and brand tag
 9. Iron the waist (pants still inside out)
10. Sew in the ditch or the original stitching to finishing off the pants (pants still inside out but sew with the right side facing up)
Don't forget to fold the brand tag off the way (see what I did?)
Turn pants back to their normal state and iron them again
Hope you find this helpful!
And always, 
Thanks for reading!
An Trieu

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not So Secretary

I love me in crop tops and high waisted things!
Figure hugging clothes are not too flattering with my body figure though. Since I have a small waist, flat top, and quite bony and heavy bottom (I don't like my legs!), so I tend to gravitate towards longer bottoms. Midi skirts are my favorite!
I recently traveled to Chicago for a week and of course did some damages to my bank/credit card. This outfit below is the proof...
I checked out two Zara stores within the downtown Chicago distance. I wanted to find a perfect midi/A-line skirt (high-waisted if possible) and not in black, and luckily I found it! It's this beautiful laced high-waisted A-line skirt in midi length (it fits below my knees!). Since I wanted the skirt to be the center of attention, I kept everything else black and simple!
Hope you like it! 
Crop top, Skirt, heels, and clutch: Zara
Necklace: H&M

Some portrait shots I like...

I'm not used to saturated strong contrast colors. My favorite color is WHITE, and in plural form is white and black! Looking at my closet/fashion wardrobe, all you see is white and black and variation of gray tones, and some hints of colors.
But seriously though, don't you think these photos are great? I'm in love! The color contrast of the dress versus the wall color... 

Cobalt Flare

What I wore:
Blue dress: Nasty Gal
PVC/Clutch: Zara
Heels: Zara