Saturday, August 9, 2014

How To Hem Jeans (Euro Hem or Original Hem)

Ever got annoyed by jeans being too long?
You're not one of those long legged models nor plan to wear those 10-in heels all the time. Your jeans-being-too-long are just a normal thing to worry about!
Solution? Bring'em to your local tailor or let me help you out, virtually!
STEP 1: Try on your jeans, with shoes (decide whether you want to wear them with flats, heels, wedges, tennis shoes, or bare foot ;p). Pin or mark the desired length on the back your right leg.
*flats: hem length could touch the ground, tennis shoes: hem length should meet the top of your shoes' heels, wedges/heels: up to your reference*

STEP 2: Lay your jeans flat (inseams facing each other), right leg on top/ Then measure how far from the original length to your new marked length, *MEASURE HOW THICK OF THE HEMMING WIDTH IS from the stitching to bottom edge, mark the front and back PLUS THE WIDTH OF THE HEM, then mark the center seam 1/8 in below. Connect the markings and cut.
STEP 3: Use the razor/knife to remove old threads completely from the original hem/bottom, then cut off around the bottom hem leaving about 1/2 amount of the hemming width or 3/8in in most cases.
STEP 4: Put the bottom hem right side facing the pants right side, sew according to the picture about 1/8-2/8im away from the old stitching, then turn the hem as its original state, then use matching threads to put back the hem.

Always taper/take in the bottom hem (from the outside seam) as we cut off the good amount of length, leaving the bottom hem being to wide to be attached to the pants' legs

Small stiching is recommend when sewing on bottom hem to pants' legs

YAY, we're done! It's easy huh? Hope you've learnt something new!
As always, thanks for reading,
An Trieu

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