Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MN State Fair 2014

As being one of the biggest state fairs in the states, MN State Fair 2014 didn't disappoint any fair goers including me. I went mostly for the company, friends, and food and games are my next reasons. It usually starts approximately 2 weeks before school starts and ends on Labor Day. That means it sums up everyone's summer. 
Strawberries & Cream
clockwise & furthest: Honey Weiss beer, Walleye cakes, S'more beer, Walleye Mac'n Cheese
on the Stinger 
on the Skyflyer 
won her at the Derby
Nutella crepe & Blueberry & cream crepe
the flowering onion
fried pickels
outlook from the Ferris Wheels 
The crew
What I wore:
Outfit (top pictures): Crop top & shorts: American Apparel, belt: thrifted at Goodwill, sandals: thrifted at Savers, shirt (tied at the waist): thrifted at Salvation Army.
Outfit (bottom pictures): Tank top: Banana Republic, shorts: H&M, bag: Topshop, shirt: thrifted at Salvation Army.
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An Trieu

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